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April 15 2014

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February 03 2014

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January 20 2014

January 13 2014

Axe and the MTV Movie Awards [x]

January 12 2014

January 11 2014

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Dylan and Tyler introduces deleted Scott - Isaac scene. [x]

I will always reblog Posey tackling Dylan. Always



during dark times let us all remember that tyler posey owns a pair of tight leopard print pants




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Tyler Posey showing JR Bourne how strong he is.

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Tyler Posey In ‘The Giving Tree’



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Dylan: After the first rehearsal, [Hoechlin] comes running into me, unable to even speak, he was laughing so hard.
: I was crying.

Dylan: He was telling me that they’re doing a scene right now where Tyler has to start turning into a wolf and it looked like he…
Hoechlin: He looked like he was uh, having too good of a time too soon.

Hoechlin: I think it took me fifteen minutes to bring that up to Dylan, and then another ten to bring it up to Jeff and Tyler. “Maybe more in the head…maybe less in the ribcage…not so much below the waist.”
Posey: My head isn’t the only thing turning into a werewolf.

—Teen Wolf S1E01 with Cast Commentary (x)

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