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November 15 2017


What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Can vampires enter rented spaces? I don’t own my apartment, so do I have the rights to invite a vampire into my house, or does the landlord? Or does anyone have the power to invite a vampire into any residence? Vampires can enter public spaces without invitation, but what about hotels? What about small businesses where the owners live in back or on the floor above? What public spaces even remain in the hellacape of late capitalism?


I’d like to give a very big fuck you to anyone who talks badly about janitors, trashmen, maids, house cleaners,ect.

November 14 2017


Erst veganes Essen, dann Fitness und jetzt auch noch Kinder #DHDL http://pic.twitter.com/BkFYJKDixL

— jara (@salzundtequila) November 14, 2017


🎶 Ich will keine Schokolade!!! 🎶 Äh, doch!!! #Werbung #DHDL

— Minnie Castevet (@RuthRatgeber) November 14, 2017

November 13 2017


#BauersuchtFrau warum sind die Kühe da so angebunden

— Halt! jetzt red ich! (@DarkEnobyRaven) November 13, 2017

November 12 2017

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November 11 2017

The truth is that monsters are real, and ghosts are real, too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.
— Stephen King (via quotemadness)

good morninge


im step on you & screme in your face now

November 09 2017





that german feel when you see your american/british/australian friends post something about eating healthy and losing weight and therefore eating no more bread because bread is unhealthy and evil and you get personally offended for 5 seconds until you remember oh yeah right they don’t have any proper bread

#ich bin immer noch schockiert davon#wie ich damals in england ein brot im rucksack hatte#und ein paar andere einkäufe lagen oben auf und danach war es irreparabel platt#da hat selbst deutscher toast mehr strukturelle integrität 

Da muss man auch so furchtbar vorsichtig sein, wenn man das schneiden will. Der kleinste Druck, und das Brot ist hin. Da lob ich mir ein deutsches Roggenbrot - egal, ob man da mit dem Brotmesser rangeht, oder dem Allesschneider, das Brot hält.

Paderborn, Regen, 11° - das Brot hält

Freiburg, Sonne, 27° - das Brot hält

Kiel, Wind, 5° - das Brot hält

Deutschland - auf Brot gebaut

stuff that happened in german history on the 9th of november


there’s quite a lot actually that happened today:

  • Nov 9, 1313: Battle of Gammelsdorf - Louis IV defeats his cousin Frederick the Fair
  • Nov 9, 1848: execution of Robert Blum (a german politician) - it’s said to mark the beginning of the end of the March Revolution in 1848/49
  • Nov 9, 1914: Sinking of the SMS Emden
  • Nov 9, 1918: German Revolution [1918/19] in Berlin
  • Nov 9, 1923: Munich Putsch
  • Nov 9, 1925: Hitler imposes the formation of the Schutzstaffel (SS)
  • Nov 9, 1936: National Socialists remove the memorial of composer Felix Mendelssohn  Bartholdy  
  • Nov 9, 1938: Pogrom Night
  • Nov 9, 1939: Abduction of two british officiers from the Secret Intelligence Service by the SS in Venio, Netherlands
  • Nov 9, 1948: Berlin Blockade - mayor Ernst Reuter delivers a speech
  • Nov 9, 1955: Federal Contitutional Court decision: all Austrians who have acquired german citizenship through annexation in 1938, automatically lost it after Austria became sovereign again
  • Nov 9, 1967: Students show a banner (”Unter den Talaren – Muff von 1000 Jahren”) and it becomes one of the main symbols of the Movement of 1968 (the German Student  Movement)
  • Nov 9, 1969: the radical left-winged organization “Tupamaros West-Berlin” hides a bomb in the jewish community house in Berlin. It never exploded though.
  • Nov 9, 1974: RAF-member Holger Meins dies after 58 days of hunger striking
  • Nov 9, 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall
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November 08 2017


cats & coffee.#TwoReasonsIGetOutOfBed

— Halt! jetzt red ich! (@DarkEnobyRaven) November 8, 2017


140 Zeichen - only 90s kids will remember

— Halt! jetzt red ich! (@DarkEnobyRaven) November 8, 2017


280 Zeichen sinnvoll nutzen.. hmm…
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie
Doug and Carrie

Heißen Dank. *verbeug*

— Anarchox 🍕 (@Anarchox666) November 8, 2017

November 07 2017


Katze ist übrigens die Kurzform von Katthias. 🐱

— Michael (@freelancepolice) November 1, 2017
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