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May 29 2017

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Can we talk about how a white man is again trying to strip away the success of a black women.

He’s reaching so hard.

Fact-checking helps:

Here’s the article. Now what do we see on the website? 


Maybe people should learn what “comedy” and “satire” mean … 

The sad truth is, though, I can understand why someone who isn’t looking at those tags might assume this was real. Some of our legislators are crackpottish enough to try it.

Oh, I can understand it just fine, since enough things that are real leave me thinking, “Please let this be a joke!” But that’s why it’s even more important to fact-check. Plus, why would you just believe something because somebody said it without even checking once? It doesn’t compute.


my friend: come over

me: no i am tired

my friend: i have drama to discuss that doesn’t involve us


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Dentist goals





How did we successfully export the word “Zeitgeist” but not “Ohrwurm”??

The word “ear worm” is used in some areas of the USA actually :)

wtf is an ear worm?

It’s a song that’s stuck in your head

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River Niers near Viersen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany

May 28 2017

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I miss you.

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hate this

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rahulkohli13: I just want all the kittens! 😭😭😭


me: *makes post*




Someone hold my hand and do that little thumb rubby thingy.

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How to eat a banana,  #HannoKoffler style :)) #sommersturm #summerstorm

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Screencap from the film Sommersturm (summer storm)

this was such a beautiful scene

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Pop Culture Captain Kirk vs. Actual Captain Kirk



Pop Culture Conception of Captain Kirk from Star Trek: A rough and tumble rule-breaker who had a rebellious streak, was a compulsive womanizer who hit on every woman they ran into, and had many casual relationships. Was rebellious and often ignored orders to do what he thought was best. A high testosterone man of action, he was more likely to start a fight than other Trek captains. Had a bit of an egotistical or arrogant streak, and who reprogrammed the Kobyashi Maru because of ego-injury. Was approachable and often a peer to his crew. Often gave interminable sanctimonious speeches.

Actual Captain Kirk from Star Trek: Lived a mostly celibate life primarily dedicated to his responsibilities, sometimes shut down women who came on to him and avoided a few he worked with due to duty, was a workaholic, respected his superior officers and bureaucrats to the point it caused him problems, and only violated orders only in extreme circumstances due to his loyalty to friends. Believed in non-violent resolutions, and often had a thoughtful streak where he refused to attack or kill. Was intellectual and enjoyed playing chess and quoted literature. Had self confidence, pride, chutzpah and energy but was not egotistical, and reprogrammed the Kobyashi Maru out of pride, not ego injury or arrogance. Was often authoritarian with his crew, sometimes snapped at them, and except for McCoy and Spock, was often remote and aloof from them. Often gave interminable sanctimonious speeches (that part is actually true).


Kirk was not a hotheaded maverick who reflexively rebelled. Kirk was a highly competent career officer who excelled because he kept finding himself in situations so outrageously unfair that the only way to pull through and keep his crew alive was to bet on incredibly risky successes over inevitable failures. He had a string of committed romances with intelligent and driven women that foundered on the force of his commitment to his career, ship, and crew. He sometimes flirted with women as a gambit to distract them when his people were in danger; sometimes, women pursued him to the extent of coercing him.

The reason redshirts became a meme was because killing a single member of Kirk’s crew was an easy way to break something inside him for drama.

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When your racism conflicts with your misogyny.

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